Historic Launch of the Unified International Scientific Center Initiative to Address Climate Impact on Earth

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2023 / Dr. Egon Cholakian, a distinguished CERN and NASA scientist with an extensive experience in climate research and national security matters, has announced the Unified International Scientific Center (UISC) initiative on his newly-launched platform: Earth Save Science Collaborative (ESSC).

Dr. Egon Cholakian
Dr. Egon Cholakian
Dr. Egon Cholakian

This groundbreaking initiative led by Dr. Egon Cholakian aims to unite scientists from all around the globe to launch a comprehensive multidisciplinary study of the drastic effect of climate change on our planet, and to devise viable solutions to this global issue.

The creation of such a Unified International Scientific Center presents an unparalleled opportunity for researchers across diverse disciplines to converge, fostering multi-disciplinary research that transcends traditional boundaries. Driven by an innovative approach to physics that extends beyond the confines of quantum mechanics, the center’s pioneering work promises to unlock new horizons for scientific exploration.

Central to this groundbreaking approach is a paradigm shift that holds the key to addressing the challenges posed by the rapidly changing climate.

“We will work under conditions of complete confidentiality as the path we embark on goes beyond even quantum physics, it is much more profound,” – says Dr. Egon Cholakian.

The UISC extends an open invitation to all interested scientists, inviting them to contribute their expertise to this cutting edge endeavor.

Scientists interested in collaboration can submit their requests on the website:

Dr. Cholakian’s vision for the Unified International Scientific Center announced in his video brings together a diverse community comprised of experts in various fields, including physics, geophysics, geology, history, archaeology, neurophysiology, political science, religious studies, psychology, psychiatry, and numerous other scientific disciplines. By creating a unified platform for collaboration, Dr. Cholakian seeks to harness the collective power of these diverse minds for a singular purpose.

Highlighting the urgency of the global challenge, Dr. Egon Cholakian asserts, “The correct and only solution to this problem depends on talented, united scientists, endowed with unlimited scientific and financial resources. We must create a unified scientific community as soon as possible… We need to act together as a unified force, a unified mind, and a unified heart.”

The Unified International Scientific Center embarks on a mission that transcends borders, serving humanity at large by advancing our understanding of climate change and cataclysmic events. This ambitious undertaking not only seeks to illuminate the causes and consequences of these phenomena but also endeavors to devise strategies to mitigate their impact, offering hope for a sustainable future.

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Dr. Egon Cholakian


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A. Egon Cholakian PhD is a Visiting Researcher (National Security) at Harvard University, and a retired Physicist / Attorney. Lobbyist, U.S. Congress and White House, Member of NASA’s NISAR mission team, CERN Laboratory’s Future Circular Collider project team, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility user team, Educator member, International Association of Intelligence Educators.

Contact Information

Egon Cholakian
Lead Scientist

SOURCE: Earth Save Science Collaborative


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