Cleverbridge Launches CleverInsights to Deliver Accurate, AI-Powered Analytics for Subscription Businesses

The product’s easy-to-use dashboards empower companies to accurately benchmark and forecast performance, calculate robust customer health scores, and more.

COLOGNE, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2023 / Cleverbridge, a growth engine for global technology companies, today announced the launch of CleverInsights, an advanced analytics suite that leverages AI and 18+ years of eCommerce data to provide unparalleled visibility into recurring revenue, retention, and other essential subscription metrics.

Pre-built dashboards for benchmarking, forecasting, anomaly detection, and customer health scoring empower organizations to derive deep insights and optimize performance in near real-time amid an uncertain and ever-changing business environment. These features streamline the reporting process and eliminate the burden of manual and time-consuming analysis, allowing employees to focus on more complex or strategic tasks when most companies are struggling to do more with less.

“As a CEO, I know firsthand how important it is to have accurate reporting. I also know that analysis is resource-intensive, and that too often resulting information is inaccurate, stale, or communicated without the context of broader industry or macroeconomic trends,” said Wendi Sturgis, Chief Executive Officer of Cleverbridge. “With CleverInsights, any organization can reliably monitor and optimize recurring revenue with insights that are truly actionable. This grants a distinct competitive advantage, empowers data-driven decision making, and further enables technology companies to grow without adding headcount.”

CleverInsights addresses a critical business need with benchmarking and forecasting, two capabilities that help companies interpret and predict key figures tied to recurring revenue with industry-leading levels of accuracy. Organizations can leverage these insights as needed to narrow their strategic focus while other areas of the product run continuously in the background. Anomaly detection, for instance, identifies unexpected changes in key metrics and alerts users to fluctuations along with the probable root causes for spikes or dips, allowing organizations to take immediate action and correct potential issues.

The product’s robust customer health scores are calculated with standard inputs along with transaction data such as payment date, payment method, and expansion percentage. These additional data points strengthen the accuracy of health scores and feed into renewal and expansion propensity models that facilitate the effective prioritization of accounts. CleverInsights then recommends the best course of action for each customer, giving organizations the option to trigger automated or semi-automated interventions by leveraging another new Cleverbridge product, CleverAutomations.

General availability of CleverInsights is expected early next year. For more information and to schedule a demo, please visit

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